Awareness through Movement

Welcome! I teach people to move with ease and freedom, physically, and within themselves, relieving pain and stress, so that they can live life to the full.

Move like a wave

Move through life like a wave


Why the Feldenkrais Journey?

Join me on the journey by coming to one of my classes, in person in South Hobart, or online.

Come for a private consultation to design your own personal plan. Or try a free lesson to spark your curiosity.

The gentle subtle movements of Feldenkrais practice will reawaken your senses and your awareness of yourself as you move in the world. Learn to move,  breathe, think, feel and live your life with greater ease and freedom.

Discover how pain can be relieved and avoided so you can do the things you really want to do now and in future.

“Movement is life.   Life is a process.   Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself “                      Moshe Feldenkrais


Get in touch to explore your private one-on-one Feldenkrais session – tailored to your own needs. In my garden studio, in the comfort of your own home, or via Zoom



Join my classes for the fun of learning Feldenkrais with a small friendly group. Either in person in South Hobart or in the comfort of your own home via Zoom



My small friendly workshops are the place to deepen your Feldenkrais practice . You can put together learning from 3 classes in a single workshop.



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    What others are saying

    “At the end of my session I felt complete. Whole. Centred.”


    “I hardly recognised myself by the end of my session. Greatly at ease in my body and also with myself, my usual restless, discontented energy had melted away – I felt grounded, settled and at one, with no urge to be anywhere other than where I was – in the present moment. Quite wonderful.”


    “It’s extremely gentle, subtle and mindful. We take movement for granted but Dany is teaching me to listen to my body and hear  the best way to move.”


    “The changes in my face reflected how relaxed I felt. I am feeling much less pain than usual today, remembering to slow down and to slide my shoulder blade down before I move or stretch to reach for something. It really helps!”


    “Having continued with the Feldenkrais series this year. I am becoming increasingly aware of subtle changes in posture and  alignment. Benefits that have flowed on to my yoga classes.”


    “Coming to your sessions, Dany, really influences my nursing work, making care plans for patients chronic health conditions. Talking to patients, my awareness is really there, to be able to hear them.”


    “The way Dany teaches, giving directions through small steps, makes the lesson easy, almost an unconscious activity. Walking around at the end I felt a heightened awareness of my feet, hips and shoulders. Lovely.”

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